Beyond rangeland conflict

  Dear HCN,
The debate over cows on public lands (HCN, 1/20/03: THE GREAT RANCHING DEBATE) missed the best book I’ve yet read on the subject. HCN probably reviewed it back in 1995 when it was published, but its emphasis on national dialogue between opposing factions and realistically looking at what actually happens on the ground are as applicable today as eight years ago.

I recommend it to all my cowgirl (and boy) friends who are otherwise learning to distrust environmentalists: Beyond the Rangeland Conflict: Towards a West that Works by Dan Dagget, with portraits by Jay Dusard.

Eric Burr
Mazama, Washington

Editor’s note: See Dan Dagget’s opinion piece “It’s unAmerican, or at best unWestern, but cooperation works” (HCN, 10/16/95: It's unAmerican, or at best unWestern, but cooperation works).
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