Eco-groovy food for skinny wallets

  While your favorite organic food brand guarantees a pesticide-free, responsibly grown product, it’s usually fortified with a hefty price tag. There’s relief: The Portland, Ore.-based Food Alliance offers consumers and farmers a label — guaranteeing products grown and harvested in equitable and safe conditions, using sustainable farming practices, and with little or no pesticides — for a much lower price.

Started six years ago by a coalition of farmers, farmworker advocates, scientists, environmentalists and academics, the Alliance is thriving. Now, there are more than 100 farms certified under the Food Alliance label throughout the Northwest, Idaho, Montana and Hawaii. Consumers can find the label in grocery stores and farmers’ markets in those regions, as well.

To learn more about the Food Alliance and where to find its products, visit, or call 503/493-1066.
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