HCN's agenda – envy and socialism

  Dear HCN,

Normally, when you read the paper, you should have the feeling of becoming informed on issues which affect us all. After reading the last few papers, concerning the issues of the LDS church purchase and the gated communities, I have to say these are not issues, but agenda items of your reporters.

As much as we try to blame the wealth of this country for our problems, we cannot escape the fact that our real problem lies with idealism. In gated communities, I do not see any environmental disasters, but a social problem, and that is jealousy. If a person would like to attain wealth, you should have the right to strive for it. If not, that is OK, too. It's called capitalism. To have a socialist or even communistic view - what the reporters' writings reflect - is OK, too. Just recognize the difference.

Larry Crowder Alamosa, Colorado

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