Oregon: Love it or leave it

  Dear HCN,

Lynn and Janis Wood of Lebanon, Ore., display an insidious perspective emblematic of the contemporary West (HCN, 11/25/02: Planning's post child grows up). Oregon formed its bedrock land-planning policies over 30 years ago. The Woods moved to Oregon three years ago. They knew — or should have known — the rules when they moved in. Like latecomers throughout the West, the Woods were attracted to Oregon’s pastoral beauty; yet, newly arrived, they want to change the rules to suit themselves. Can they really not see that Oregon stayed so lovely for so long by consistently curbing impulsive me-firsters like themselves? Whether or not you like Oregon’s overview, the people of Oregon have spoken fairly loudly and consistently over the past 30 years — and it is their constitutional right to decide how their state’s land-planning will proceed. If you don’t like the restrictions, don’t get mad, I say, get even: Move to California (or Arizona, or Nevada, or Colorado ... ).

Jeff Hull
Huson, Montana
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