Leave your political passions at home

  Dear HCN,

I'm pleased to enclose my first-year renewal card; however, I do so with a note of caution, prompted by the current issue in front of me.

Be careful. One might get the impression, from headlines like "Democrats kick back" (HCN, 10/14/02: The politics of growth) to some of the election coverage inside, that Democrats are good, while Republicans are bad.

I happen to be a pretty conservative Republican. I also believe strongly in the preservation of the West, which is why I subscribed in the first place. I suggest your publication's ability to fulfill its promise will be enhanced by its focus on the issues, unfettered by political passions. The cause is greater than generalized political labels, and you don't need to alienate important constituents.

Let's get the snowmobiles out of Yellowstone, turn back the tide of sloburbia and accelerate conservation education - without stumbling into traps perhaps left over from some liberal academic myopia.

John Krizek

Toluca Lake, California
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