Special issue: Part 2 of The Electric Revolution

July 13, 1992

Dams and coal hit the age of limits.


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Pressure builds to reform the West's power establishment
The region's electric system was built on vast resources, federal subsidies and freedom from environmental regulations. Now, the industry may be forced to change its strategy -- but not without a fight.
PacifiCorp bets on coal, and against efficiency
One of the West's largest utilities may be betting that the future lies with coal-fired power plants rather than efficiency and alternative fuels.


Power could come from a shared vision
These two special issues of High Country News say that we have overbuilt our electric power system by up to five times. We could shut down up to four out of five power plants, coal mines, and hydroelectric dams while providing the same services and a higher quality of life.


Wyoming tribes lose again in court
The Wyoming Supreme Court has rejected a plea to reconsider its 3-2 ruling that restricts the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes' use of "future" water and makes the state the administrator of federal reserved-water rights.
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