Beauty eludes the beast

November 28, 1994

An unusual consensus may stave off industrial tourism in Washington's Methow Valley.


Beauty eludes the beast
An unusual consensus may stave off development in Washington's Methow Valley.


Citizens held off big money for years
For 20 years environmentalists have fought developers in the Methow Valley.
How Methow Valley grew an economy
Residents of Methow Valley build cross-country skiing to feed the economy.
The valley around us is deep
The Forest Service asked William Stafford to write poems for the scenic turnouts along the river valley. Poems reprinted.
Environmental records of ranking Republican members ofcommittees addressing natural resource issues
Chart showing voting record percentages on natural resource issues by Republican members of committees addressing natural resource issues, 103rd Congress.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Good news and bad news in the West, "Celebrate the West" conference in Wyoming.


Enviros sue state land board
Environmentalists sue state land board to institute "truly competitive bidding" on leases of state-owned land.
Horses must back off
Horses are banned from acequia because of pollution problems.
BuRec to allow water thefts to continue
BuRec backs off from water-spreading reforms.
Farmers spin federal dollars into hay
Utah farmers receive money for water conservation.
Forest plan rapped
A draft plan to revise management of Black Hills National Forest is no good, say environmentalists.
Election '94 postmortem
Environmentalists' nightmares come true in '94 election.
Goodbye, New West; hello lords of yesterday: Dispatches from the field
Reporters give state-by-state election results for the West.


Victory in Idaho: Canyon lovers defeat the military
A coalition of canyon lovers defeats the U.S. Air Force in Idaho's Owyhee Canyon.


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