Putting green Portland on the map

  Though Portland has earned a reputation as a green city, with its well-publicized parks, organic markets and light-rail lines, even savvy locals find it challenging to connect the city's disparate venues. The search just got easier with the Portland Green Map, a map with 800 resources and points of interest for Portlanders who lean green.

The map covers everything from fair-trade coffee shops to ecologically responsible schools, and highlights places to avoid - like the city's four Superfund sites. "It's a different approach to the issue of sustainability," says Jason King, a Portland landscape designer who spearheaded the mapping effort. Portland's Green Map is one of over 70 worldwide. Another 175 are in the works, including spreads of Seattle and the Oregon communities, Forest Grove and Sherwood.

To get a copy of the Portland Green Map, visit www.portlandgreenmap.org.
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