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Yellowstone goes retro


Yellowstone is not only our first national park; in 1922, it was also the nation's second-largest bus company (right behind Greyhound), operating a fleet of 400 yellow convertible buses for visitors who traveled to the park by rail. But by the 1960s, as automobiles became the preferred transportation to the park, the yellow buses were phased out and sold.

Now, Yellowstone park officials have started to buy the buses back, with plans to reintroduce them as part of a new mass transit system.

Jim Evanoff, a park official, hopes nostalgia for the old yellow buses will lure people out of their cars and encourage them to enjoy the scenery while reducing traffic and pollution in the park. The buses will be refurbished and retrofitted to run on alternative fuel, and park officials hope to have the fleet up and running in a few years. Contact Jim Evanoff with the National Park Service, at 307/344-2311 or [email protected]