The coalbed methane super-prime

  Coalbed methane wells are quickly spreading across the West, with the BLM projecting 80,000 to be developed by 2010 (HCN, 9/16/02: Backlash). So the Rocky Mountain Mineral Foundation, a cooperative project of law schools, bar associations and industry associations, is holding a two-day conference in Denver entitled "Regulation and Development of Coalbed Methane."

The program covers every aspect of coalbed methane development, with a technical presentation on how gas is produced from coal seams, a look at coalbed methane production vs. conventional production, a discussion of title issues and an analysis of potential air and water quality problems. Kit Caples Kimball, with the Colorado office of the U.S. Department of the Interior, one of many speakers, will discuss the status of various regulatory developments in coalbed methane-producing areas.

The conference will be held Nov. 14-15. To learn more, visit or call the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation at 303/321-8100.

* Jamie McEvoy

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