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Know the West

Fire story was propaganda


Dear HCN, Normally informative and refreshing, the paper stepped in a hole with "Anatomy of Fire" as a cover article (HCN, 7/8/02:The anatomy of FIRE). As a wildland firefighter and Forest Service employee, I had hoped for the arrival of some scientific ("anatomy" made me think we were really going to get into it) exploration, and I never thought HCN would read like an extended evening news piece. I've seen this article at the IMAX, on every news channel, and in every newspaper across the country. This is the typical propaganda that supports the disappearance of massive public monies, replete with a running crown fire of bad metaphors consuming any useful information in their path, and no promotion of letting the fire burn. There is so much more to the fire picture than this piece allows.

Obviously, one piece cannot contain it all, but why keep addressing the same portion of the monster known as fire management? It's a disappointment for a recent convert to your paper and more importantly, it's a dangerous continuation of misguidance and repetition. Looking forward to the next issue.

William Shoutis Lander, Wyoming