Sherman Alexie in his own words

  • Sherman Alexie


Note: in the print edition of this issue, this article appears as a sidebar to another news article, "The big show with braids."

On Hollywood: "Hollywood is the most liberal community in the history of the world. And yet the way they conduct their business is Machiavellian. Donald Trump and the Enron executives would fit right in."

On the aesthetics of low-budget films: "So far it's been my experience that we turn into absolute idiots in a movie theater, and I include myself in that. We walk into a theater and sit down and expect the movie to look a certain way, and to move a certain way, and to tell its story a certain way, and if it doesn't we get really uncomfortable. I hope when I make a movie that it looks like what we see with our own eyes and not what a computer can make us think we see with our own eyes."

On tokenism: "It's so strange and racist for people to think that any one person can represent a group of people. But it happens with Indians in a way it doesn't necessarily happen with other ethnic groups. In the end, what I say or do or think somehow represents an accepted thought in the Indian world, when I'm this weird, eccentric individual. I'm one voice telling one story. No one ever asked Raymond Carver to represent all white guys."

On private moments: "I don't wake up in the morning and brush my teeth and think, 'I'm an Indian brushing my teeth.' "

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