Traveling dunes

  • Playground or preserve? Algodones Dunes

    Andrew Harvey

It is the largest dune complex in North America, spreading across 1,000 square miles, from Southern California to Mexico. It's also the locale of the 32,240-acre North Algodones Dunes Wilderness area, where rare species of plants and animals thrive in the basins and flats of the dunescape (HCN, 12/18/00:Feds fight chaos in a desert playground). But Interior Secretary Gale Norton would like to open several protected areas to all-terrain vehicle travel. So, photographer Andrew Harvey has kicked off the Algodones Photographic Tour to highlight the beauty and wildlife of the Algodones Dunes. With support from four conservation groups, including the Center for Biological Diversity, the exhibition will stop in several major Western cities throughout the winter, as the BLM begins to update its management plan for the wilderness. For more information, contact Keri Dixon at the Center for Biological Diversity, 520/623-5252, [email protected], or visit

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