Golden in drought denial

  Dear HCN,

The August 19th issue's front-page photo of the Denver Water Department signboard imploring people to take action and conserve water reminded me that yes, we are having a drought here in Colorado. Well, there have been other clues as well, such as the scorched brown hillsides, a summer with almost no measurable rainfall, and the persistent smoke in the air from Colorado's many wildfires.

But please remember that I live in the city of Golden, Colo. whose officials have informed residents that there is no drought in Golden. Residents are advised to use water wisely but we may water lawns freely and as frequently as one may like. We are even in the process of building a new golf course; one whose seeding requires eight or ten waterings a day this summer. Never mind our drought-parched neighbors such as Denver. You see, Golden has a senior water right and a supposedly full storage reservoir.

As drought takes it toll on Colorado's Front Range, folks may think of packing up, leaving town and heading for wetter environs. Rest assured, they don't have to go too far. Golden is Front Range Colorado's oasis in the desert.

Bruce Feinberg Golden, Colorado
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