River's end


The numbers are impressive: 25 million people depend on the Colorado River, which falls 14,000 feet in its 1,700-mile journey, and is home to 20 power plants, 10 major dams and 80 diversion channels. Over the past year, the humanities councils of seven Western states have worked together on Moving Waters: The Colorado River and the West, a series of hundreds of programs intended to teach the public about the history and impact of the river. Now, the Moving Waters Culminating Conference takes a look at the post-settlement history of the Colorado River Basin, from John Wesley Powell to the Big Buildup and the challenges Westerners face today. Speakers include Gary Nabhan, Michael Collier and William DeBuys; among the special events are a musical tribute to Katie Lee and a tour of Glen Canyon Dam.

The four-day Culminating Conference will take place in Flagstaff, Ariz., Sept. 25-28. For more information, call 928/523-0494 or visit www.movingwaters.org.

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