From Oregon to Wyoming

  A former county commissioner in Oregon has taken over the reins of the Wyoming Outdoor Council. New executive director Tom Throop was a commissioner in Deschutes County, Ore., where he helped begin a recycling program and rewrite county land-use laws to protect farmlands and forests. Throop, 47, who spent eight years in the Oregon Legislature, says he accepted the job with the 1,300-member council because he has long wanted to work as an advocate for natural resources. Money was not an inducement: He will be paid $33,000 a year, $15,000 less than he earned as county commissioner. The 27-year-old council spent three months looking for a replacement for current director Stephanie Kessler, who will remain half-time with the group. The council has five staff members who oversee programs in recycling, public school education, state legislative lobbying and land-use management. For more information, write the Wyoming Outdoor Council, Lander, WY 82520 (307/332-7031).

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