Who are you calling redskin?

  • Logos from sports teams with Indian names

  When you go to a Saints' football game "and a little mascot dressed like the pope runs around and sprinkles holy water on all the drunks, then you should start protesting. And us Indians will be right there beside you," says the director of the American Indian Movement, Clyde Bellecourt. He makes the comparison in What is the Point to all of this Protesting, a primer on stereotypes and logos that are offensive to Native Americans. The brochure was developed by HONOR, which stands for Honor Our Neighbors' Origins and Rights, a nonprofit coalition of more than 150 Indian and non-Indian organizations nationwide. The coalition works to affirm tribal sovereignty and treaty rights and protests racist images on sports uniforms and labels. Currently, the group is involved in a legal battle with G. Heileman and Hornell Brewing Companies, which uses an image of Chief Crazy Horse to sell malt liquor. HONOR says the chief was a crusader against alcoholism in Indian communities. Honor also connects its members to an electronic bulletin board for news about congressional actions and hearing schedules, and sends Honor Digest, a bimonthly newsletter monitoring anti-Indian activities. For a packet on the Crazy Horse campaign, a copy of What is the Point ..., or more information, write HONOR Inc. 2647 N. Stowell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211 (414/963-1324).

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