The nuclear wasting of the West

March 25, 1991

The nation's nuclear weapons industry has left a dangerous legacy of radioactive wastes strewn around the West.


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Hanford's pollution is spreading
In 45 years of bomb production at Hanford, nuclear wastes have escaped into the environment from plant stacks, leaking tanks, ditches and deep injection wells. Contaminated groundwater is now reaching the Columbia River on the reservation's northern and eastern perimeters.


An inside view of the Rocky Flats plant
When I went for the interview at Rocky Flats, after the first screening by the temporary agency, it was a bleak, gray, snowy day ...


Geological controversy haunts Nevada waste site
Yucca Mountain may one day be home to the nation's most deadly garbage -- highly radioactive spent reactor fuel rods and other detritus of the nation's 40-year experiment with nuclear power.
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