High noon in Nevada

September 9, 1991

The Forest Service goes head-to-head with an angry rancher.


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High noon in Nevada
As a full moon slipped behind the rugged peaks of the Toquima Range, the first light of dawn illuminated a meadow where uniformed Forest Service rangers were saddling horses. Their mission was to round up unauthorized cattle on the Toiyabe National Forest in remote central Nevada.


Rancher says fee increase is needed, overdue
Most reports I've seen concerning the present feverish discussion of raising the grazing leases on public simply do not reflect a true picture.


Grizzlies may be laying low in Colorado
Spurred by a reported sighting of a grizzly sow and three cubs last fall, a group of volunteers from four Western states has begun systematically combing the San Juan Mountains, hoping to prove the bears still survive in Colorado.
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