West's grand old water doctrine dies

August 12, 1991

Colorado attorney declares "First in time, first in right" dead.


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West's grand old water doctrine dies
As has been so widely reported, Prior Appropriation passed away in January of 1991 at age 143. Prior was a grand man and led a grand life. By any standard he was one of the most influential people in the history of the American West.


Charles Wilkinson: A profile
Wilkinson was a pioneer. "People were practicing public land and Indian law, but it wasn't being taught," he says. "It shows how influential the East was in determining even western law school curricula."


Did fish and game's ark preserve the ferrets' gene pool?
The success of the captive breeding program at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Sybille facility marks the first time that interactions with humans have benefited black-footed ferrets.
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