Land grant universities

November 14, 1994

The most important institutions in the West enter a critical period.


Land-grant universities
The land-grant universities face change as the West changes.
Between past and future
Washington State University finds it difficult to change when the funding is tight and people uncooperative.
Sexy weapon thwarts bugs
Scientists work to find new ways to control codling moth outbreaks in Washington's apple orchards.
A tale of two ag programs
Evergreen State offers full approach to diverse agriculture
On campus: A department head tries to change the academic culture
University of Wyoming professor Glen Whipple believes the system can work.
Off campus: A sociologist tries to help Idaho's small towns
Sociologist Aaron Harp at the University of Idaho is skeptical about the land grants.


Budget cutters whack at researchers
Scientists at land-grant colleges face budget cuts.
Apple growers become patrons of science
Washington's apple growers contribute $2 million to research this year.


Three agricultural fallacies
Wendell Berry challenges the experts of agribusiness.

Book Reviews

Say what?
Park Service considers procedural changes and asks advice about de-jargonizing.
Caribou population still too small
Woodland caribou populations are still too small in Selkirks.
Wild in Montana
Montana Wilderness Association holds 36th annual convention in Great Falls.
Blow, whistleblowers, blow
Hazel O'Leary proposes reform to protect whistleblowers at the Department of Energy.
Who are you calling redskin?
Honor Our Neighbors' Origins and Rights (HONOR) works to affirm tribal rights and protest racism.
From Oregon to Wyoming
Tom Throop is new executive director of the Wyoming Outdoor Council.
Greens under attack
David Helvarg's book The War Against the Greens documents violence against environmentalists.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Another special issue, Chip Rawlins reading, visitors.


Extinction was the message
Humans re-enact salmon migration to demonstrate obstacles facing fish.
Wilderness becomes a career path
National Forest Service creates job for national director of wilderness.
A small town in Oregon gets ugly
Wise-use movement clashes with environmentalists in Joseph, Oregon.
Fall damps fires of '94
Autumn finally ends worst fire season in the West's memory.
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