Kind words are more than coronets

  Dear HCN,

Your last issues are so readable and well-written, I can't believe it's the same paper I struggled to understand five years ago in order to better politically advocate for the environment. The way it's being written now, I have found that high school and even junior high students can educate themselves from it. You have achieved the ultimate - your paper is educational, readable, very "citable," and user-friendly without sacrificing the necessary political information, and without catering specifically to an audience of elitist environmentalist professionals who know all the issues, the jargon, and the history. You have managed to maintain the provincial integrity of the newspaper, while expanding your target market to include those who are new to the issues. Thanks again - its evidence of dedication to your mission, to team-playing, and great leadership.

Dian Edlund, M.Ed.
Tucson, Arizona

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