Leave mud slinging to experts

  Dear HCN,

This letter is to correct misinformation conveyed by Mark Williams in a letter regarding San Miguel County, Colo.'s proposed "high alpine zone" land-use code changes (HCN, 3/4/02: Allen Best flunks the snow test). It is too bad that Mr. Williams, in an otherwise informative letter, succumbed to the ever-popular mud-slinging at high-profile celebrities that so often accompanies articles about Telluride and San Miguel County. Mr. Williams asserts that San Miguel County is considering changes to its land-use code in response to building by celebrities in high-alpine zones.

Unfortunately, he obviously hasn't spent enough time here. Neither Oliver Stone (who no longer owns his ranch here) nor Tom Cruise built in the proposed high-alpine zone district. Mr. Stone's ranch is on a mesa top in a traditional ranching area that has been developed for years and Mr. Cruise's house is smack in the midst of what passes for high-end suburbia around here at about the same elevation as the Telluride Regional Airport and many other homes. Neither structure is anywhere near the areas being considered for revised land-use codes and both were built nearly 10 years ago.

Further, the land-use code changes are being prompted by proposed building, not building that has already occurred. I hope that in the future Mr. Williams can stick to science and leave the celebrity mud-slinging to the tabloids where it belongs.

Greg Craig
Telluride, Colorado

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