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Know the West

'Commercial message' prompts questions

  Dear HCN,

As any HCN reader knows, there's a whole lot to environmentally responsible red-meat ranching: including, but not limited to, conscientious stocking and grazing rotation, scrupulous protection of riparian areas, big-hearted attitudes about the presence of large canid predators as vital, rightful, native members of the ecosystems into which exotic, domestic, grazing animals are introduced, and generous views about how much to pay me (us) for the privilege of feeding for-profit livestock on my (our) public lands.

So, I'm nearly certain that Paul Larmer wouldn't have printed such an unabashedly enthusiastic commercial message for HCN's new neighbors, Homestead Ranches in "Dear Friends," (HCN, 4/15/02: Dear Friends), unless member ranchers were, besides swearing off artificial feed additives, adhering to the modest standards mentioned above. I am right, aren't I?

Susan Cockrell
Holden, Maine