Kudos for Quillen

  Dear HCN,

I do not want to tell you that Ed Quillen's article about Mel Coleman (HCN, 4/1/02: The 'Niche West' reconnects us to the land) was worth the price of this year's subscription, but it's some of the best work he or you has done. You can remind me of that next time I complain about left-wing-ism.

I did not know Mel Coleman well, but do know the son and daughter-in-law (via her mom). Mel was a valued, dedicated trustee for The Nature Conservancy, and also served on TNC's local San Luis Valley advisory board, which I do also.

Quillen's article put the man and his work in the proper context. I really appreciated his comments on honest work compared with endless tourism, especially the "gymnasium" recreation types. Too often, the preservationist-recreation folks forget, or don't care, that real people with really good regular lives populate the mountains, and care deeply for the land. Thanks, Ed Quillen. I will give copies to my friend and her daughter.

Margy Robertson
Monte Vista, Colorado

P.S. As one who missed out on doing anything fitting on April 1, page 3 was a triumph to read. Good work, kids.

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