Infuriating selfishness

  Dear HCN,

In your last two issues you featured articles on the snowmobiles in West Yellowstone (HCN, 4/1/02: Move over!) and the dairy farms in Idaho's Magic Valley (HCN, 4/15/02: Raising a stink). There is a common and infuriating thread: The producers of pollution, be it noise or bad odors, noxious fumes or foul wastes, don't give a damn about the poor dumb bastards who are unfortunate enough to be living near them. There are basic rules of manners. You don't disturb others. You treat others as you would be treated. But to all too many, making money is more important than decency. It's not so surprising that such people are out there, but it is depressing that they occur in such numbers to elect officials like Bush, who share and support their disgraceful priorities.

On behalf of living things and their lovers ...

Tom Lubchenco
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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