Re: 'Looking for the good'

  Dear HCN,

I want to belatedly thank you for Barbara Schuster's fantastic article on silencing LDS trash talk (HCN, 2/4/02: Why the bad rap for Mormons?). I grew up in the Idaho end of Cache Valley and was never a part of the "Salt Lake Society," thus missing things here in SLC at that time. I grew up with neighbors and friends who were and weren't "Mormons"; one of my best friends (she still is) and I adopted each other as "little brother" and "big sister." She is not LDS; I am.

I spent over 35 years in Arizona; Boise, Idaho, and California before moving to Utah. I was shocked and appalled when I moved to Salt Lake. I have never before heard such vitriolic and vile defamation of a group, religious or ethnic, as I heard against Mormons. I know there are a lot of dopey and some bigoted LDS, but I have never heard anything approaching this from a Mormon. I wish more of the "minority" (and majority) could learn that the best way to get along in peace and harmony is not to hate the "majority" just because there are jerks in that group. No group has a lock on the jerk category. I wish every resident of the Mountain West would read and take to heart your approach to looking for the good around you.

Nick Rust
Salt Lake City, Utah

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