Questions on condors

  Dear HCN,

Could we go from the general to the specific? How many hunting tags are issued in condor habitat? (HCN, 2/18/02: Condor program laden with lead). How much more does a lead-free bullet cost (how much is the bullet of total cartridge cost?), and how many rounds does the average hunter fire in the field?

Why not get Game and Fish to mail a coupon for $2 or $5 off on a box of 20 rifle cartridges to everyone who draws a tag in condor habitat? I suspect the cost would be less than a one-day helicopter charter, and it might just reduce the problem.

You might even co-op the program with Wal-Mart or some other retailer and get them to pick up part of the cost.

Paul Wiener
Flagstaff, Arizona

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