Pasayten not ugly: HCN slant is

  Dear HCN,

It constantly amazes me how nasty a slant HCN can put on its articles. If you have to do that to sell your magazines, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The only thing truly ugly about the Pasayten Wilderness (HCN, 12/17/01: A crowded Washington wilderness gets ugly) is Martha Hall and the other eco-crazies who wildly attack legally authorized users of the wilderness systems. Of course, we have problems in our wilderness, some of which could be corrected if all the folks involved could talk to each other in a reasonable manner.

The USFS has serious problems administrating the wilderness, because all their funds and personnel hours go toward studies instead of trail maintenance and management solutions. Due to a lack of trail management, we have lost the use of a major portion of the trails in the wilderness, which has indeed created more congestion. There are other problems too numerous to mention here, but I believe we could go a long way toward solving them if we approached them in a reasonable manner.

I think if your writer would read the 1964 Wilderness Act, it guarantees the continued use of the wilderness for certain commercial activities. The wilderness is very important to many in our local communities and we all hope we can find a way to work together to protect them for the future without creating the nastiness your article implies.

Carl R. Miller
Winthrop, Washington

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