Paved "paradise' for workers

  In Telluride, Colo., you can live in your car, but only if you park it in the right place. After passing an ordinance prohibiting car camping on all public land and rights-of-way within town limits, on Oct. 18 the Telluride Town Council designated a public parking lot as an alternative. The "campers' are people who have jobs but not enough cash to keep up with high rents in town. The designated "camp site," however, is only big enough for about 20 people, while 116 need places to live, says camper-advocate Harold Wondsel in the Telluride Times-Journal. Town officials predict the problem will ease when the snow falls. "After two weeks washing dishes and sleeping outside in the cold and wet, people begin to think "hey, this is not fun anymore," " said Telluride Housing Director Dave Johnson. An official from the Telluride Chamber of Commerce says the designation of the parking lot - visible from a window of the Housing Authority office - does not mean the town endorses people living in their cars. On the ballot for November is an amendment to the land-use code requiring developers to provide affordable housing for employees in Telluride. Meanwhile, workers put their names on a waiting list for Lot J.
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