Dumps 'R' Us

September 10, 1990

Is the rural West becoming a dumping ground for toxic waste and garbage?


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Railroad plans garbage express
When a persistent real estate agent arranged for Alonzo and Robert Rogers to sell 1,200 acres of the southwestern South Dakota ranch, the bachelor brothers had no idea their land was part of a plan to build a massive garbage dump serving faraway cities.


Strange tales along the Powwow Highway
We are dying today in droves while liberal Americans profit in the billion-dollar-a-year New Age industry, which sells overpriced and artificial Thunderbird shields and sexy doeskin dresses to bored, rich cosmopolitans.


Forest Service sues in Colorado to keep its water
The dewatering of the national forests has been going on for a long time. But now the U.S. Forest Service is fighting for its stream channels in a Greeley, Colo., state water court, claiming roughly half the stream flows in four national forests in northeastern Colorado.
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