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Know the West

Sharing credit for restoration

  Dear HCN,

The Pueblo of Santa Ana sincerely appreciates the extensive coverage in the Nov. 19 issue to highlight our efforts to restore the Rio Grande bosque and river channel within our reservation lands. While we understand that the purpose of the article was to highlight Pueblo efforts, we feel it is important to acknowledge the significant role that the Bureau of Reclamation's Albuquerque Area Office and Socorro Field Division played in the river restoration activities. This two-mile river restoration effort involved years of extensive planning and coordination between the Pueblo and the Bureau.

We also want to point out that it was the Bureau's Socorro Field Division, not Santa Ana work crews, captured in the aerial photograph on page 10. Thank you again for your excellent coverage of the Pueblo's and our federal partners' restoration efforts.

Todd Caplan
Pueblo of Santa Ana, New Mexico