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Know the West

Port Angeles deserves credit

  Dear HCN,

As one involved in political discussions that led to the Elwha River legislation, and to progress made for dam removal, I think Adam Burke deserves an A- (nobody is perfect) for his article "River of dreams" (HCN, 9/24/01: River of dreams).

I am sure Burke discovered this is a complicated story with many people willing to claim victory. Much of the credit should be given to the people of Port Angeles who, in spite of their differences, came together and worked out an agreement for dam removal that eventually gained broad political acceptance.

The cooperative effort among environmental organizations, politicians of both parties, companies that owned the dams, tribal interests, federal administration activists and the state of Washington deserves acclaim. Without all these interests coming together over the last decade, the project never would have progressed as far as it has.

Bob Hartley
Westminster, Colorado