Miles Keogh, Wyoming rancher

  • Miles Keogh

    Hal Clifford

Note: This article is a sidebar to this issue's feature story.

Miles Keogh, Wyoming rancher:

"I've told them (drillers) all the same story. If you guys want to play hardball, I'll play hardball. I've been around the block. So part of the terms and conditions of this agreement is you take total responsibility, so the ranch gains and you gain, or you don't get access. They say, well, we can force access. Fine, go ahead and do it. I'll put a gate every 30 feet on the road that's hard to open. I'll feed all the cattle on the road in the winter just before you show up to work. I'll throw spikes on the road. You start harassing cattle, opening gates, and then we'll talk.

"You can do all kinds of rancher things to disrupt their operation and put their name on the front page. And I've told them, if you want to go in the gutter, I'll go in the gutter with you, we'll end up on NBC News and I'll see what I do to your stock the next morning. Now, if you want to play a different game, I'll be your friend, talk nice about you, and we'll do the whole methane development in a socially, environmentally responsible manner. But you can't play both games."

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