Nevada Water Forum


University of Nevada professor Jean Ford has published the findings of a series of Nevada Water Forums held around the state last spring. The forums asked: "How should we manage and allocate water to help create the Nevada we want over the next 20 years?" Participants considered maintaining the current system of water allocation under the Prior Appropriation Doctrine; changing to a free-market system; viewing water as a public good to be allocated by government agencies; and limiting water development to in-basin supplies and banning inter-basin transfers. The 794 people who took part in the 30 meetings came up with a conglomerate of choices. There was strong concern about water availability, public education, fairness and continuity in water law and recognition of the connections between ecosystems. The report has been delivered to state water policy makers and is available to the public. For a copy or more information, contact National/Nevada Issues Forum, University of Nevada-046, Reno, NV 89557 (702/784-1560).

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