Uncontrollable coyote

  • Coyote pups shown in World of the Coyote

    Sierra Club Books
  For Wayne Grady, it was on a cold, clear night in eastern Ontario, Canada, when he heard coyotes howling: "The sounds seemed to tremble on the verge of language, to be, almost literally, the voice of the wilderness." This recollection introduces The World of the Coyote, a glossy book about the canine's habits and history. Grady tells of the "coyote wars' of the mid-19th century, when more than 2 million coyotes were destroyed, and says today the federal government kills 97,000 coyotes each year. Yet coyotes continue to extend their range and increase in number. From the "Trickster" of Native American legends to the greedy, gullible Wile E. Coyote, Grady says, the coyote reminds us of this simple truth: "Attempts to remove the coyote from our midst are a symbol of our arrogant assumption that we can control nature."

Sierra Club Orders, 730 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109 (415/291-1600). 1994. $25 hardcover. 72 color photos, 144 pages.

* Pam Ostermiller

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