Organizing citizens for the next 20 years

  -Where do citizen activists go from here?" asks the 20th anniversary issue of The Workbook, published by the Albuquerque-based Southwest Research and Information Center. Varying answers come from 19 veteran activists whose essays appear in this special 47-page issue. In New Mexico, Maria Varela says empowering land-based communities to develop their economies is the answer - not "economic-growth artists' who funnel profits away from the community. Lori Goodman, a Navajo anti-logging activist with Diné CARE, says the race for funding local groups continues a "pattern of colonialism, of imperialism ... and is being perpetuated by the very system everyone thinks is trying to "help" us." She thinks local groups working together to raise money can build both independence and regional partnerships. Designed as a tool to serve the "vast, nameless movement for change," The Workbook offers environmental and consumer information as well as book reviews. Past issues have examined subjects such as environmental racism and corporate funding for environmental groups. For a copy of the anniversary issue or information about back issues, write The Southwest Research and Information Center, P.O. Box 4524, Albuquerque, NM 87106 (505/262-1862).

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