Bambi takes a hunter safety course

  Hey kids, remember when Bambi's mother got blown away by the hunter? Tom Storm does, and because movies like Bambi have given hunters a bad name, he wants to teach people who don't hunt all about the role hunters play caring for wildlife. In his book Stormy and The New West, Storm shows Stormy the deer playing with friends Flapjack the beaver, Rocky the roly-poly rock chuck and his newest friend Joey, the boy. But before Stormy meets Joey, he and his mom have to leave their home in a forest where hunting is not allowed; overpopulation there led to starvation as browse was depleted. Luckily, they find a new forest, kept in balance by hunters who eliminate extra deer. Stormy learns everything a young fawn needs to know about the outdoors: rainbows, elk and hunter-safety courses. But Joey refrains from telling Stormy that one day his dad might shoot Stormy's father and hang his antlers over the family fireplace. Tom Storm wishes every hunter would buy two books, one to read to the family and one to give away to a family that doesn't hunt. You can buy one 48-page copy for $8.95 plus $2.05 for shipping and handling, by writing to Tom Storm, P.O. Box 2012, Great Falls, MT 59043 (406/454-0723).

* by Shara Rutberg
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