Special issue: High Country News is 20

September 25, 1989

An improbable newspaper reaches an improbable age.


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A tough weed takes root in the devastated West
The 20-year-long history of High Country News is romantic because it is tragic.
Tom Bell: The quiet revolutionary
In 1970, High Country News was born of Tom Bell's passion. For five years its pages thundered with his outrage at ranchers, politicians and corporations that threatened Wyoming's water, wild lands and animals.
Saga of a High Country Newsman
Saga of a High Country Newsman
The effort to get the word out -- about wilderness, about archaic mining laws, about illegal shooting of golden eagles, and so many more issues besides -- would cost Bell his ranch, many of his friends, and, very nearly, his sanity.
The fatal accident: An Indian, a coyote and readers come to the rescue
"I saw God when I worked for High Country News, and it surprises me that I have never been mentioned in the voluminous literature on the subject."
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