Tumbleweeds triumphant

July 3, 1989

How the Russians conquered the West.


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Tumbleweeds triumphant
When it comes to weirdness in the natural world, the tumbleweed has to be right up there. This bit of freaky biology run amok has inspired everything from sport to mythology to gourmet cooking. So maybe it's fitting that the tumbleweed has come to symbolize the American West.


Grazing permits are valuable: You can bank on it
With all the fuss made about livestock grazing on public lands in the West, it is surprising to learn that they account for only 2 percent of U.S. livestock grazing. But to the rancher who depends on Western rangelands for pasture, it's a make or break situation.


Idaho wilderness issue is tied in knots
Conservationists haven't yet figured out how to blow the whistle on McClure without also appearing to be attacking Andrus.
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