Arctic Refuge

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      "When a lone wolf howls it sounds distinctively alone. When a pack howls, the sounds harmonize and mix until the voices of a few blend into the chorus of a multitude. A call answered and passed on. A call to gather."

- Lentfer & Servid in
Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony

That the call will be answered is the hope of the new book, Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony, distributed in March to President Bush and members of Congress. Co-editors Hank Lentfer and Carolyn Servid had an unusual deadline: The Bush administration had declared its intent to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. So the pair masterminded a breakneck, two-month publishing effort. With 31 brief essays from writers and scientists, poets and park rangers, Arctic Refuge is a forum for arguments against drilling in ANWR; it brings the northernmost tip of our country down to eye level, and gives an emotional underpinning to thinning sea ice and caribou calving areas. It offers a chance for those who cannot make the long trek north, to get lost in the tundra, to lock eyes with a wolf, and to feel how it is to live with the Porcupine caribou herd as a member of the Gwich'in people. Arctic Refuge is a sequel to Testimony, a 1996 anthology of pro-Utah wilderness writings (HCN, 11/13/95). Copies are available in bookstores, or can be ordered online at or by phone at 800/520-6455. Proceeds will go to the Alaska Wilderness League.

Arctic Refuge: A Circle of Testimony, compiled by Hank Lentfer and Carolyn Servid. Milkweed Editions, Minneapolis, Minn., 2001. Paperback: $15. 114 pages.

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