Bush-Cheney bunch are the new eco-terrorists

  Dear HCN,

Out of Edward Abbey’s novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang, came the term, "eco-terrorist," defined as an extremist who so radically loved the ecosystems that sustain the earth, that he tried to protect them by "monkeywrenching" the tools of big extractive industry — dozers, dams and draglines — thus destroying the industrial juggernaut that was wrecking the planet.

The Bush administration’s anti-environmentalism (Margolis, HCN, 3/26/01: The environmental movement is a-muddle) brings a whole new meaning to the term eco-terrorism. Bush-Cheney-Norton and Co. are fast becoming infamous as "the New (real) Eco-terrorists": extremists who so radically love big business and short-term profits, that they propose to protect the industrial machine by "monkeywrenching" the tools of government — its environmental safeguards — thus hastening the destruction of ecosystems that sustain the earth.

They are in a hurry, and like all radical extremists, they can do tremendous damage very quickly. The next four years will be plenty of time for them to dismantle much of the progress made since Earth Day 1970, unless the public catches on soon and demands they stop their destructive game.

Gene Sentz
Choteau, Montana
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