Two Forks Dam: Push comes to shove

May 9, 1988

The proposed project has become a national issue, with environmental and citizens groups facing off against water planners.


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Two Forks Dam: Push comes to shove
When the dust settles a year or so from now, it is likely that the struggle over the proposed Two Forks Dam on the Front Range of Colorado will rank with the fights to stop the damming of the Grand Canyon and to halt the construction of the huge coal-fired power plant once proposed for Utah's Kaiparowitz Plateau.
Two Forks will reach far into Nebraska
Two Forks pits the one million wings along the Platte River against a little more than a million acre-feet of water storage.


Two Forks will unite Colorado
From the outside, to a casual observer, Two Forks is inexplicable. From the inside, Two Forks is the only solution to the Denver metro area's -- and the West's -- dilemma that existing leadership can conceive of. Understand Two Forks, and understand the West.
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