Ecotage versus infiltrage: A tale of two environmental strategies

April 25, 1988

An in-depth issue on The Nature Conservancy and Earth First!


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The fine art of infiltrage
The Nature Conservancy is an anomaly in the environmental movement. It is apolitical, silent almost to the point of secrecy, friendly with corporate America, and run more like a successful business than a non-profit organization.
Hurling sand into society's gears
Earth First! was born in the spring of 1980. Between tequila and beers and camping beneath the stars in the desert near a tiny Mexican border town, four men dedicated to the preservation of biological diversity hatched the notion of a group that was part Sierra Club, part Hell's Angels, part Yippie.


Court tells Bureau of Reclamation to stick to irrigation
The Interior Department has suffered a setback to its plans for a greater role in marketing Missouri River reservoir water.
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