Environmentalism triumphant

October 10, 1988

Part 3 of The Reopening of the Western Frontier, a four-issue series exploring the West's changing economic and cultural landscape.


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The trauma of shifting economies, and ideologies
Ray Wheeler wanders across southeastern Utah, attempting to discover why the area is so bound to extraction, even against its own economic interest, and whether change is possible.
Now Idaho wants national parks
In theory, wild, beautiful and lightly populated Idaho should be bursting with national parks. In fact, its ranching, logging and mining roots have kept it totally free of parks.
Tourism beats logging in Wyoming
In theory, every U.S. citizen has an equal say in the management of public lands. In fact, residents of small towns dotted across the rural West exert a disproportionate control over those lands.
Butte comes out of the pit
Butte, Montana is finding, under the leadership of an energetic chief executive, that there is life after mining.
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