The bust in agriculture and mining

September 26, 1988

Part 2 of The Reopening of the Western Frontier, a four-issue series exploring the West's changing economic and cultural landscape.


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The West lacks social glue
Despite its posturing as the helpless colonial victim of powerful corporations and the federal government, the West isn't so much weak as it is passive.
Discouraging words in Montana
Miles City, a community of 10,000 which has spent 100 years living and breathing ranching, is experiencing traumatic change as economic and other forces shove the family ranch off the Western stage.
Life without fanciness: Getting by on the Plains
Life in the region is possible if lived within the limits set by the region, rather than by standards set by the humid parts of the nation.
Global economy turns 'lite'
The rural West believes all wealth comes out of the ground as food, as logs or as mined ore. Now comes noted writer Peter F. Drucker to say that the land's commodities are increasingly irrelevant to the production of wealth.
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