Special anniversary issue

May 1, 1970

This is the first anniversary for High Country News, formerly called Camping News Weekly. Though still a fledgling, we have come a long way. We have tried to make our anniversary issue a little bit special. We feature our own home town, not only because we like it but because it is rather typical of the West.


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History abounds in Western town
Lander, Wyoming, abounds in the history of the old West. Only a few miles to the south, many thousand emigrants passed along the Oregon and Mormon trails. Before that, South Pass was known to the earliest explorers, trappers, and traders. Riders of the Pony Express thundered along the trails and Wells Fargo rolled across the vast plains.


Secretary Hickel calls environmental meeting
Interior Secretary Walter Hickel has announced a four-day conference in response to President Nixon's call for "a total mobilization" for cleaning up our environment.
Wyoming fishing ready and waiting
Several popular fishing holes, including in the Wind River-Big Horn River drainage, the Badwater Creek drainage, and Shoshone Lake, open to eager anglers on May 1.
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