Turmoil on the range

January 24, 1994

Bruce Babbitt endorses a consensus grazing reform proposal developed in Colorado.


Turmoil on the range
Bruce Babbitt endorses a consensus grazing reform proposal developed in Colorado.
Cows are evicted from Utah
Judge finds BLM defied the law in administering Comb Wash grazing permit


Reform was killed by "100 peacocks in heat"
Senate doesn't represent popular opinion, Brant Calkin charges
BLM union comes to Moab
BLM employees vote to unionize because of management and morale problems.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Gifford Pinchot; Paonia "bomb" scare; visitors; corrections; new interns.


Lift construction suspended
Ski area improvements stalled in Yellowstone
Poachers target grizzlies
Poachers are killing grizzly bears in the Selkirk Mountains
Tiny reporter at a small paper writes a big story
Eileen Welsome uncovers records of plutonium experiments on humans
Lost and found study
Lost report that shows wilderness could benefit Utah surfaces at the statehouse
The third man
Gray Reynolds takes the place of retiring Forest Service Deputy Chief James Overbay.
West's buttons popping
The 10 fastest growing states are in the West.
Bullet holes in bungalows
Target shooters banned in Prescott National Forest
Montana town puts out unwelcome mat
Montana town puts out unwelcome mat
Californians and celebrities among those moving to Montana
The new West is as restless as the old
People move West, move in and move on.
Idaho governor fights for a bombing range
Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus supports new bombing range in Owyhee Canyon.
Judge bumps snail off endangered species list
U.S. District judge removes snail from the endangered species list for procedural reasons.
Draft plan foresees a freer-flowing Colorado River
Draft EIS proposes stabilizing water flows through Glen Canyon Dam


Consensus may not be the best way to reform grazing
Writer warns that consensus grazing management has failed in the past and will fail again.
A stark victory in Utah
Court decision reveals how the BLM ignores the land, as well as federal environmental laws.

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