Tome story hits home

  Dear HCN,

This letter is in response to Greg Hanscom's article, "Road Block" (HCN, 12/4/00: Road Block). Back in December 1999, during a Christmas visit to my hometown of Albuquerque, I took a drive to the east side of the city and found yet another subdivision in the once empty Elena Gallegos Land Grant. I found out later that the land, which was owned by the Albuquerque Academy (a private high school) was sold to developers. I had to express my frustration with the continued lack of sensitivity and sensibility regarding urban sprawl and the general lack of respect for any open space that truly makes New Mexico what its motto says it is: The Land of Enchantment.

I applaud the citizens of Tome and pray their tactics will give hope for future defeats of sprawl-initiating endeavors, such as that bridge. One thing is for sure: People like Bob Davey and political entities such as the New Mexico State Highway Department must take responsibility for their actions. They are responsible for leaving a negative legacy by seeing the beautiful and unique land in and around Albuquerque as nothing more than future homesites.

If these people would look around and see how truly beautiful the Manzanos are, or how lovely Ladrone peak is, or take in the true grandeur of the mighty Sandia Mountains, then maybe they would see what a disservice it is to fill the majestic spaces between these sacred "sky islands" with suburbs and so-called development. It isn't development at all; it's just plain selfishness and greed.

Paul Sacco
Los Angeles, California
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