Working in the trenches

  Dear HCN,

I enjoy your paper most of the time, but Ed Marston's essay, "Rearranging the Grid," struck an especially deep chord (HCN, 1/29/01: Rearranging the Grid). As his long, persistent efforts on the DMEA board have taught him, it may be in the trenches at the heart of our Western civilization that the battle for the environment will ultimately be won.

School boards, county commissioners, electric co-ops, livestock associations; these are the type of organizations that are run by and for the everyday people of the West. And the everyday people will shape the future, just as they have carved the landscapes of the past.

Fighting developments that threaten to destroy a natural resource is unavoidable, but weaving environmental values into the fabric of society is the best hope for building a civilization that co-exists with nature. I hope you stick with the night job, Ed.

Tony Prendergast
Crawford, Colorado
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